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Search for Charity! [Monday, December 4th, 200612:54pm]
mood | accomplished

If you use internet searches as much as I do, this is a neat site:


Basically, you go to this site, input your search criteria and choose a charity. Every time you search, the site will donate $0.01 to your chosen charity. Doesn't sound like much, but every little bit helps.

You can even choose a charity and see how much they have made from people using the site.

Hey, if you are going to search anyway, it can't hurt, right? :-)

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Stupid things amuse me... [Thursday, November 10th, 200501:55pm]
mood | tired

This is a neat link:

I <3 federal holidays!!!

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Cute Quiz... [Wednesday, June 1st, 200509:40am]
mood | out of touch

I'm alive... :-p

What Icons are for you? by ladyallie
Favourite Colour
Your Love icon is...
Your Sad Icon is...
Your Happy Icon is...
Your Angry Icon is...
Your Food Icon is...
Your Animal Icon is...
Your Random Icon is...
Your Cartoon Icon is...
Your Sexy Icon is...
Quiz created with MemeGen!

The end...

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Video [Tuesday, October 26th, 200411:04am]
mood | tired

Eminem video I just saw:


(Should open up a new window)

I had a lot of fun at the Ren Faire, guys! :-)
Drunken wenches crack me up! he he

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Psssst.... [Friday, October 15th, 200411:30am]
mood | silly

Tomorrow is Boss' Day! Why the hell it's on a Saturday, I will never know...
Just thought I'd help my hoez get some brownie points. haha
*runs to Hallmark to get the great white nun a card*
Damn, you know I need dem brownie points!

Holy Crap, I posted again!!

See, Liz, now I'm the post-whore. :-p

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? :-/ [Friday, October 15th, 200408:29am]
mood | curious

Weird link... I found this kinda interesting

Holy crap, I posted! :-p

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ha ha [Thursday, July 1st, 200402:19pm]
mood | sleepy

You are an SECF--Sober Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a hippie. You are passionate about your causes and steadfast in your commitments. Once you've made up your mind, no one can convince you otherwise. Your politics are left-leaning, and your lifestyle choices decidedly temperate and chaste.

You do tremendous work when focused, but usually you operate somewhat distracted. You blow hot and cold, and while you normally endeavor on the side of goodness and truth, you have a massive mean streak which is not to be taken lightly. You don't get mad, you get even.

Please don't get even with this web site.

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My head hurts... waaaaahhh! [Friday, June 25th, 200408:07pm]
mood | sore

well, I am still alive. I will have pictures of my car up as soon as I get them off of the camera. I am one lucky bitch. Got a few staples in my head... the headband I was wearing when my head hit the window got smashed into my scalp. I feel like frankenstein. At least they didn't have to shave my hair. That would have really sucked. My car is probably totaled. The other car hit me right behind the back driver's side door (again, I am a lucky beeetch!!). I haven't got the official word from the insurance company yet, but it looks like the frame is bent pretty bad. You guys will have to help me out with what I should buy next. hehe
Yes, the accident was my fault. I was crossing the road and didn't see the car coming at me. Damn insurance will probably sky rocket. Oh well, what can you do.
You just never know when you walk out of the door, you know? Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that I am okay, in case you hear about it somewhere. Love you guys! Hopefully the upcoming few days will be a little less eventful than yesterday.
Terri, good luck, sweetie!! I hope they pop that baby right out and put you out of your misery. ;)
*hugs and kisses*

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Grrr... [Tuesday, April 20th, 200401:38pm]
mood | aggravated

Made a post telling everyone how sweet they are and how good to me they are for showing me support during hard times. LJ ate it. Now I am angry and have to make a new one later when I am not so angry.
God I hate it when LJ does that...
By the way, how is everyone on this lovely day?

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Har-Har [Thursday, March 4th, 200401:52pm]
mood | amused

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians,
passed on from generation to generation, says that,
"When you discover that you are riding a dead horse,
the best strategy is to dismount."
However, in government, education, and in corporate America,
more advanced strategies are often employed, such as:
1. Buying a stronger whip.
2. Changing riders.
3. Appointing a committee to study the horse.
4. Arranging to visit other countries to see how other cultures ride horses.
5. Lowering the standards so that dead horses can be more productive.
6. Reclassifying the dead horse as living-impaired.
7. Hiring outside contractors to lift the dead horse and move its legs.
8. Harnessing several dead horses together to increase speed.
9. Providing additional funding and/or training to increase
dead horse's performance.
10. Doing a productivity study to see if lighter riders
would improve the dead horse's performance.
11. Declaring that as the dead horse does not have to be fed,
it is less costly, carries lower overhead and therefore contributes
substantially more to the bottom line of the economy
than do some other horses.
12. Rewriting the expected performance requirements for all horses.
13. Promoting the dead horse to a supervisory position.


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Quote from my weekly desk calendar... [Monday, March 1st, 200403:34pm]
mood | amused

March 1, 2004

"The Supreme Court ruled that it's unconstitutional to execute the mentally retarded. You can still elect them."
~Bill Maher

ha ha ha ha!

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Something I thought was funny... [Thursday, January 15th, 200411:25am]
mood | amused

I don't know why. I was looking up the correct spelling for "holler" for my boss at www.dictionary.com and this is the disclaimer that was on it:

Regional Note: One feature of Upper Southern English and specifically of Appalachian English is its pronunciation of the final unstressed syllable in words such as hollow, window, and potato as (r). Holler, winder, and tater are merely variant pronunciations reflected in spelling. As a noun, holler has the specific meaning in the Appalachians of “a small valley between mountains”: They live up in the holler underneath Big Bald Mountain.

I guess I found this hilarious becuse I couldn't beleive it was in the dictionary.
Yeah, I am a freak. Oh well. You love me...
I'll have to update later on my 2nd anniversary (Jan. 10) and what went down that weekend. Cause I know you all want to know sooo bad! :p

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WOOHOOOOOO!! [Wednesday, December 17th, 200302:13pm]
mood | ecstatic

Weeee!! Two posts in one day!! I just found out that for the first time since I started college I got straight A's this semester!! All three classes! YIPEE!!
Okay, that is all...

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I have presents!! :)~ [Tuesday, November 25th, 200302:21pm]
mood | accomplished

So far, I have gotten part of Jade's present and all of Lindsey's. Let me just say that DAMN, I am spoiling Linds this year! hahaha
Gotta figure out what else to get Jade, no clue what to get Terri, or anyone else I have to shop for. Some ideas would be greatly appreciated *wink wink*

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Wha??? [Friday, November 21st, 200307:36am]
mood | shocked

Have any of you heard about this?

Actor Jonathan Brandis, 27, who starred in the movie "The Year That Trembled," which was filmed in Ohio, was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment Wednesday. Brandis, 27, was found by friends and pronounced dead at a hospital, according to the Los Angeles coroner's office. There were no signs of violence. An autopsy was due to be performed yesterday, an investigator said. "The Year That Trembled," produced by Tyler Davidson and Scott Lax, who were living in the Cleveland area at the time, was filmed in Ohio and premiered at the Cleveland International Film Festival in 2002. Brandis played Casey Pedersen, a young man who is caught up in the turmoil of the Vietnam War. "It's a terrific tragedy, and our hearts go out to the family," said Davidson, who now lives in Los Angeles.

So sad. And it seems to be true 'cause there are a few different stories written about it (One being in the Chicago Sun Times--Scroll down to the bottom). I just can't believe it wasn't reported more. I mean, yeah, I know he was a washed up child star, but if Mcauley Culkin died, I'm sure we'd hear about that. I had such a crush on Jonathan when I was younger. Jade, I know you remember. I had a huge poster of him on my ceiling above my bed. haha


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My college project post [Friday, November 14th, 200312:27pm]
mood | accomplished

A few of you expressed the interest in helping me with my poll for one of my college classes. If you are interested, please fill out the poll to the best of your knowledge.
I will not use your username for any purpose. I just need the numbers. Everyone's answers will remain anonymous, and no one can view the results but me. Please be as honest as you feel comfortable with.
Thanks, guys!!

On To The Poll!!Collapse )

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[Friday, November 14th, 200310:22am]
mood | silly

Stolen from reiji

Go here to get your birthday month. Copy and paste your month. If the statement is very true, bold it, kinda true, leave it normal, and not true at all, strike it out.
Here's mine. And yes, I am bored in case you couldn't tell. Ze bosses are out of the office :)


Thinks far with vision. Easily influenced by kindness. Polite and soft-spoken. Having lots of ideas. Sensitive. Active mind. Hesitating, tends to delay. Choosy and always wants the best. Temperamental. Funny and humorous. Loves to joke. Good debating skills. Talkative. Daydreamer. Friendly. Knows how to make friends. Abiding. Able to show character. Easily hurt. Prone to getting colds. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Brand conscious. Executive. Stubborn.

Everybody have fun tonight! :)

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Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby! [Thursday, November 13th, 200308:01am]
mood | accomplished

(I'll have you know that I spent quite a bit of time on this ;)~... Although it doesn't look like it)

How does it feel to be 22?
You're finally catching up with the rest of us old foagies ;)
Looking forward to tomorrow night. Did you ever decide where we were going to go to dinner? Let me know. Oh, and I am getting a room near Frazier's. It's like 1/2 a mile from the place. $99, not too bad for Bmore. Granted, it probably isn't the best quality. Anyway, hope you like the pic I made. I'll talk to you more about tomorrow night later.
Love ya, baby!!!

[Edit::I know that I forgot to cross the "t" in birthday, but my girly-colored cake more than makes up for it... :)~]

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Just testing out the poll feature... [Friday, October 31st, 200310:12am]
mood | accomplished

I think I am going to put up a poll to get some statistics for one of my school classes, so I just wanted to try this out.
plus it's always good to know who loves me

Do you love me?

Who wants to know??
I have to... I'm your mother
Yes, I do love you... will you marry me?

Love you guys!!! :)~
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[Thursday, October 9th, 200302:51pm]
<td bgcolor="#000000">Who will play you:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Natalie Portman </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Who will play your love interest:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">John Leguizamo </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Weeks you will stay in the box office:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">15</td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Song that will play during your love scene:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Violent Femmes - Prove My Love </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Song that will play during your death:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA">Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper </td></tr><td bgcolor="#000000">Your name:</td><td bgcolor="#DDDDAA"></td></tr>
Your Life: The Movie by mintyduck
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

don't fear the reaper... classic!
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